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2011-09-13, 09:12 PM
I will put these in most necessary to least.

1) Copy with re-hosting. Currently, when a hosted object is copied to a new location (that would be a different host) the new object loses it's host. This requires the user to pick a new host for that device. Though it is simple, it is multiple steps and time is money. Creating a checkbox (similar to copy multiple) to accomplish this would serve this purpose I think.

2) Text within families should be move-able, simply by clicking and dragging. (similar to attributes in AutoCAD) This is valuable in congested areas and you need the ability to move this text around in order to show all the objects necessary. Also, yes, tags are an option, but that is multiple insertions (or steps) and again, time is money.

3) Allow users to reference the inherent family parameter values (ex. 'Elevation' or 'Offset') anywhere they choose. What I mean is, allow us to call on that parameter value, so we can use this in plan view text, that states what height something is installed at, etc.

4) Annotation text that rotates automatically to 0 degrees. Annotations often have text inside and outside of them. Include a checkbox that automatically rotates the text to 0, so that when plans are printed, all the text is read-able. The "keep text readable" check box allows for (2) text rotations, either rotated 90 degrees or at 0 degrees. These rotations work well for piping, etc. but not everything. Having another checkbox that forces the text to 0 degrees would be fantastic.

5) Wire mesh cable tray does not appear to be wire mesh. Need to be able to identify wire mesh versus solid bottom tray.

6) Snapping to annotations. Just allow users to snap to an annotation whenever a snap input is needed.

7) Allow Filled Regions to have subcategories. Certainly not urgent, but it seems straight forward that this would be an option.