View Full Version : Can I change ACAD startup dir in registry?

2005-01-17, 03:20 PM
This is a VB6 question as opposed to VBA so I hope no one minds.
I'm writing an application that will launch AutoCAD 2005 and I need to
be able to change the "start in" folder before launching. The folder
will be different every time. Can I change this in the registry, if so, what is
the key that I am looking for?

Also, is there a comprehensive list of AutoCAD2005 registry keys out there?

Using Win2K


Ed Jobe
2005-01-18, 04:21 PM
What are you trying to do? Because, if REMEMBERFOLDERS is set to 1, then the starting dir is ignored.

2005-01-18, 04:24 PM
I'm writing a VB6 App that lauches AutoCAD and I would like to set the start in folder on launch. This saves me from some path retrieval and manipulation in the program.