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2005-01-18, 11:09 PM

I apologize if this has been asked before but upon searching i could not find any info.

I have many dwg files from our integrator which are setup for there in house printer and I need to print hard copies for the maintenance guys. It is very laborious to open each dwg and select the page setup option then print it and then close and open the next dwg.
Is there a way I can print a block off dwg files with the print options I want without going through each dwg?

Thank Ian

2005-01-18, 11:23 PM
You could use script pro and insert a page set-up into each file
through batch file conversion if you need that page setup to remain.
Or use Publish, or Batch Plot and assign the correct page setup
to every drawing in the list that you need plotted in this alternate manner.

2005-01-19, 12:32 AM

Have a browse of the following thread (especially take not of any links within) -

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A search within the Forums for information on PageSetups could well be worth your while (there's a lot of very useful information to be had) -

Search Forums (http://forums.augi.com/search.php?)

Have a good one, Mike