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2005-01-20, 09:54 AM
We won in court against Council, hooray....and now we are in the process of CD's. I have previously modelled the neighbours windows and doors, and now when I come to schedule the doors/windows in our project, of course the neighbours items are displaying in the schedules.

This would otherwise be ok, because I would normally schedule the new works only, BUT, it is alterations/additions and there are existing retained windows/doors to be displayed in the schedule.

I have enabled worksets, and cannot see whether the schedule can be set to not display the 'neighbours' worksets? Or how would I schedule the project such that only this projects windows/doors from all phases are shown, but not the neighbours. I dont particularly want to delete the neighbours things just in case...

2005-01-20, 10:03 AM
Ignoring worksets, one way...add a shared parameter to doors like:

Parameter name:schedule
Data Type: yes/no

Add yes/no to each door.

Then filter the schedule to either include YES or exclude NO data.

2005-01-21, 01:12 AM
brilliant - thanks a bunch Steve!

On a side note - does anyone know whether worksets be enabled in schedules to filter out unwanted information?

2005-01-21, 01:34 AM
AFAIK...Worksets can be used to control visibility of a 'set of elements' irrespective of their catagory and 'Phase' can be used to filter the items in a schedule. What Steve has suggested is another brilliant method to acheive the result.

2005-01-21, 01:52 AM
Xavier is correct, worksets cannot be used as a filter field for schedules.

2005-01-21, 04:34 AM
Wouldn't the neighbors doors and windows be in phase 1, or an existing phase? Just set up a phase filter to show new only and filter your schedule by show new only...

2005-01-21, 02:23 PM
I'd typically use Jake's solution.

I like all the others too.

Phases can filter most anything. But if you need multiple levels of filtering then you need to use one of the other solutions.

2005-01-21, 02:58 PM
Workset filtering would be a great addition. It would really help us with estimating and a host of other issues...

2005-01-21, 10:02 PM
couldn't you just use one of the filters in the schedule...As in 'Filter By' 'Mark' 'is less than' 100 (where the windows marks for the neighbors bldg are 100+ ) opr something similar like that? That's how I would do it... but I'm sure there are at least 10 ways of doing it.

Happy Friday.


2005-01-22, 11:39 PM
thanks for all the replies....Steve's first suggestion worked great.

Jake, couldnt use your idea since there are existing windows that are being retained and fixed up.

Mike your idea was good as well but I already completed the task. Revit is too quick.

I still like the idea of filtering with worksets though.

2005-01-25, 03:04 AM
To give more info, I'd make "multiple" existing conditions. Oldest condition = neighbors. Then existing for your project. Then new for your project. So you can change your existing without changing the neighbor's existing.

I use this technique to take the roof, 2nd floor, 1st floor off houses sometimes. Create the site in one phase. 2 = basement. 3= 1st floor. 4=2nd floor. 5=roof. Then set the current phase so that you filter out newer phases and you can see the 1st floor or basement or whatever.