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2011-12-27, 02:11 AM
hola como están, tengo un problema al realizar los ensanches alguien me podria ayudar, para realizar el ensanche utilizo subensamble BasicLaneTransition, el carril recorre donde di el ensanche pero el talud de relleno o corte no, sigue en la longitud del carril normal, agracedere mucho su ayuda

2011-12-27, 02:53 PM
did you set the sub assembly to hange Offset Hold grade?
Did you assign the correct Alignment and or Profile for the sub assembly to follow in the corridor target parameters?
did you really need to set the syb assembly to Change Offset and Grade?

2011-12-27, 10:15 PM
hola bueno gracias por la respuesta, coloque todas esas opciones, el carril recorre en el ensanche pero el talud se mantiene en el mismo lugar no se desplaza, bueno gracias por su coloboracion

2011-12-27, 11:22 PM
please post a picture of your Assembly....

it looks like you have a link slope to surface subassembly attached at the wrong location within the assembly


your lane width is too wide

if you send me a copy of your file I can give you a better solution. mjfarrell@earthlink.net

NOTE: the web translation is not helping me help you....what is the Ensanches?

Embankments? Fill areas?

2012-01-18, 07:11 PM
it looks as if you're using only a basic land sub-assembly. Probably what you want to do is daylight your road back to an existing surface. This requires a second sub-assembly attached to the end of the basic lane sub-assembly.


2012-02-02, 01:22 AM
bueno gracias por la respuesta pero no pude hacer reconocer a la seccion el ensanche, alguien me podria ayudar o dame los paso para hacer reconocer, agradecere mucho su colaboracion

2012-02-02, 01:56 PM
Decirme qué ensanche es y yo podremos hlep usted más eficazmente

You tell me what ensanche is and I'll be able to hlep you more more effectively

I think you need an sub-assembly coponent that will target the exisitng ground
And then asign thaat target in your corridor parameters.

2012-02-02, 02:41 PM

I just took a look at your data from the file you sent me.
The assembly is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.
The thing is that in FILL sections you are not going to see a ditch devlop
The sub assembly


will ONLY create a ditch in cut situations NOT for fill.

You will need to create another assembly that will create those ditches or use another sub assembly in those ares that are fill conditions, and then switch assemblies from fill region to Cut regions if the design is to always have ditches, in cut or fill situations.

Also I'm not sure why you do not have a left and right pavement edge alignment throughout, or if the Pavement sub-assembly is set to the correct minimum constant width?