View Full Version : Getting area in a field to round up to a whole number.

2005-01-21, 05:27 PM
I can assign a field to show the square footage of a Polyline but it calculates it to multiple decimal spaces. i realize i can change the units of my drawing to address the problem but then i am constantly switching back and fourth so I can draw at an appropriate level of detail. Is there a way to create a new units style to round up to a whole square footage number without any decimal places.

Glenn Pope
2005-01-21, 05:34 PM
Have you checked this thread out?
Formatting for Precision in Fields. (http://forums.augi.com/showthread.php?t=5991)

2005-01-21, 05:56 PM
Thanks for the link. I know Jenna, and will be checking in with her on that topic. Thanks again.

2005-01-24, 01:29 PM
Actually, here's the thread you should be looking at, which I posted after I got the solution from Rob Fjerstad at Autodesk.


Feel free to email if you have any questions!

2005-01-24, 04:13 PM

Thanks for the link to that thread I, appreciate it. Should make the tables we are creating a lot smaller not rounding to 6 decimal places. Thanks again.

2005-01-25, 04:20 PM
Anytime! Glad to help!

2005-01-27, 06:52 PM

I got the "My Area Format" setup, and it works great. Thanks again. I am assuming that somebody is going to ask about inserting a comma to separate thousands. I referenced the Field Format String.doc file that was on your thread, and tried a couple time to add the "TH" which should add the comma but had no luck. Is there a specific order to the format string that you know of to produce this outcome? Basically, I am shooting for 123,456 instead of 123456.

2005-02-07, 04:42 PM
In reference to the TH, I understand that this is not working currently and there is no workaround, but should be fixed in R2006.
Sorry nothing until then.

2005-02-08, 01:43 PM
Thanks for looking into that one for me Jenna I appreciate it. I guess I will wait for R2006.

2006-07-25, 10:13 AM
It appears as though the thousands separator is still not available in Acad 2007 or have I just not found it?

2006-07-26, 12:28 PM
It is available, just not "directly". %THxx where xx = ascii code for the character you want to use as the thousand separator, e.g. %TH32 provides spaces

2006-07-27, 06:07 AM
It is available, just not "directly". %THxx where xx = ascii code for the character you want to use as the thousand separator, e.g. %TH32 provides spacesHi Kevin

Thanks for posting back. I am sure others will benefit from such information in the future.

:beer: Mike