View Full Version : asd 2012 3d solid using problem

2012-03-02, 10:01 AM
hi everyone..
i have problem using 3d solid things in asd 2012..
i draw 3d model of my retaining wall and i use "use 3d solids" at the menu.."arbitrary element" properties...
then ASD give me 2 views automaticly....
but i want to see more views from different sides of models..
then i change UCS and creat more views from different sides but first and second group views have no relation with eachother.. then i can not see the reinforcements at second group of views when i put the reinforcements at the first group...
is there any way to make relation between those views??
how can i creat more then 2 view when i use " use 3d solids" options..
what we can do with the "multiple of element" properites under that menu??
please check the photos for understand what i mean...
please some one help me!!