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2012-03-21, 10:39 PM
I'm trying to create an assembly that has the following condition. After the shoulder, I want the proposed grade to fill to existing ground at a 6:1 slope up to a maximum horizontal distance of 20 feet and then any place the 6:1 reaches the 20 foot max have it continue on at a 3:1 fill until it reaches existing ground.

Are any of the subassemblies out of the box that can do this, and if so, what parameters do I need to set to get the desired result?


2012-03-22, 02:47 AM
Casey there are a couple of ways to do this,
I would suggest a dummy corridor that extends a 6:1 slope for exactly 20 feet
Then create a surface from the corridor
Then create a Volume Surface between the new surface and the Existing Ground
The Zero contour line can be converted into an alignment and profile that your final corridor model will use as a target then add your 3:1 slope to daylight object onto the assembly from there.

You might be able to do this with a conditional assembly
as in if depth is X then 6:1 to existing where is allows 6:1 to reach existing in 20' or less
then a second that is
if depth is greater then X then 6:1 for 20' and 3:1 to existing