View Full Version : Microsoft Visual Basic Cannot find project or library

2012-04-10, 01:19 PM
I have seen links on this before, but I still cannot figure out where my stuff is. I am trying to run a pipe network and get this error when I go to set my first structure. How do i fix it. I am using Civil 3D 2011 and Windows 7.

2012-04-10, 01:24 PM
In the VBAIDE command which loads Microsoft Visual Basic under tools, references, it says Im "MIssing: AEC Base 6.5 Object Library".

Under c:\Program FIles\Common Files\Autodesk SHared\AecXBase65

I cannot find this file. Where can I get it?

2012-04-10, 01:27 PM
The file is there, but it still says its missing.

2012-04-10, 02:11 PM
Have you attempted to use APPLOAD and load it prior to creating your pipe network(s)?

Are these custom pipes, or parts?
And is the catalog pathed correctly?