View Full Version : ASD Tutorials Where are they?

2012-04-27, 04:08 PM
Hi, I just installed ASD today and I am looking for some tutorials on how to use this software. I used Autocad 2D to detail previously. I read a lot of the help files but they were not designed to be tutorials. I looked for the option to installed tutorials but could not find any. I feel that Autodesk commitment to quality is eroding. Autodesk website has little to offer in the way of information except saying buy it. Can anyone direct me to some learning material? I do not want to use a ATC. The person teaching the last class I took had less real knowledge than most in the class.


2012-05-01, 02:35 PM
I've had ASD since 2010. Each year I get an upgrade to Revit Structure Suite. My 2010 version came with 3 programs but as of 2011 Autodesk dumped the install disc for AutoCAD and combined it with ASD. My AutoCAD opens as ASD. My AutoCAD HDI drivers from my plotter manufacturer won't load because it sees no AutoCAD on my computer.

Unfortuneately I've never found any tutorials for ASD and have never heard of anyone else finding any. Autodesk bought the program from another company and started selling it as some solution for complementing Revit but I doubt anyone at Autodesk could answer diddly-squat about how to use it. If I find any tutorials I'll let you know.

2012-05-01, 02:44 PM
Try this. Hope the link works