View Full Version : Corridor Intersection Curb Return Problems

2012-05-01, 08:40 PM
I can create an intersection with the intersection wizard but I can't figure out how to edit the curb profile parameters. When I change the length to extend the curb return profile alignment (it is set to "yes) it will not accept my entry. I want to extend the curb return alignment about 75 feet up past the return (it was created with a 25 foot extension) and warp the curve and the edge of the road it is intersecting into, but the the intersection modify buttons will not let me change the length of the alignment or the profile. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I will do it manually until I figure this out.

2012-05-02, 11:34 AM
did you use DESIGN data or allow the application to create DYNAMIC alignment/profile data for you?

IF Design data was used it will not (or can not) do what you are asking it to do.

2012-05-02, 08:26 PM
I used alignments, cl profiles and assemblies. I don't know what alignment/profile data is...

2012-05-03, 02:34 AM
Dynamic alignments and profiles...there is a prompt at the end of the process
which did you chooes Design Data
or Dynamic alignments and profiles?