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2012-05-17, 02:15 PM

I am working on a junction between an existing and a new road. It appears to me that the Civil 3D package doesn’t have a full set of assemblies for junction design. I have two standard assembly files available. When I shoose any of these two files available the daylight lines gets folded in and the junction configuration doesn’t look right at all. However, if I load the UKIRE file from browser the assemblies are empty and junction can not be created.

I am trying to create straight forward junction between two roads. one 5m wide road with 2m verge and another one 6m wide road with 2m verge. I have created corridor for proposed road it self and the alighment for existing road in order to create the junction. Unfortunately, when I get to final Corridor Region selection it seams that I dont have right assembly files to apply.

I tried to upload some pictures fut I kept getting an error message.:(

I would appriciate a lot if you could help me with this problem;)

2012-05-17, 03:45 PM
Please feel free to forward your desired cross sections, in sketches, and your alignments, profiles and surface data as XML
I'll work up a tutorial for you.
In the mean time have a look at the linked video for some ideas that should help.


2012-05-17, 04:31 PM
Thank you very much for your help. I would appriciate a lot if you could let me know how can I send the file to you.

2012-05-18, 11:18 AM

your junction doesn't work because you did not set the Targets for the pavement section of your Curb Return filllets assembly to follow.
Also notice in the video I posted that I have the user rename that Pavement sub assembly to the name of CENTERLINE to help the user remember what alignment that subassembly should be targeting.
In your case I think it should be name Centerline and Edge of Pavement (carriage way), further you want to do those fillets as One baseline along the kerb return, with TWO regions, this reduces the amount of start and end stations one needs to assign. Which is different than you use of the same baseline twice with one region along each.

Watch the video I posted, I know that it will clear it all up for you...it will also set you up for doing more complex juntions in the future.
I don't know about the quality of that video you sent linked in your email to me, I think they failed to make the key points clear enough for others to follow.


2012-05-18, 02:59 PM
Thank you very, very much! This is very helpful! I will try to follow your instructions! fingers crossed:)

2012-05-18, 03:02 PM
you should have a copy in your mailbox where I asigned the alignment targets for those regions, however I left the profile targeting to you to finish

You are very Welcome!