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2012-05-21, 07:24 PM

because of insufficient number of suitable profiles i was forced to add my own rounded rectangular and square steel profiles.

I added them to the DIN database. The database filename is DINPro.xml I have three questions:

1) I was able to calculate all parameters except for SHEAR_QY and SHEAR_QZ. Rectangular are labeled as RH and square as QH. How on earth are those two parameters calculated?

2) While polish section databases have the same TORS parameter as my calculations, DIN - german database, has slightly higher TORS. I wonder why is that.

3) How would be my work in Autocad, Revit and Robot Structural analysis affected If those three parameters were a bit inaccurate? What are the risks? How much are those programs relying on validity of the section database parameters?

Thanks for answers
Have a great day