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2012-05-29, 05:34 AM
We do process plants - a lot of equipment into a lot of structural steel. Currently I use Inventor for everything, but after experimenting with ASD, there is no way that I ever want to build end detail again without ASD. Any suggestions to a method by which I can import Inventor files, or x ref in such manner that the larger assy in ASD stays updated in real time (both ways) ? I need the ease of parametric changes to both sides, whilst the design process lasts. (Design engineers do have the tendancy to change their minds a lot - lol) I realize that I can import via a sat file into both directions, but surely I will run into trouble, as everything must be manually duplicated on both sides becuase of the loss of intelligence - very dangerous. It is also very difficult to do GA's with large assemblies in Inventor, and with the new 'place' command in ACAD 2013, it might just be the route to follow ?
Any advice will help, as we definately need quicker and accurate aways to get to the end result.

2012-05-30, 08:23 AM
I think Project Managers use Naviswork. It can handle a lot of file types (dwg, rvt). I saw someone using it and it is really nice.

2012-05-31, 05:03 AM
Thanks, I will invesigate