View Full Version : 3D Mouse works with AutoCAD 2013 ! WooHoo !

Pierre Marcotte
2012-06-21, 02:44 AM
I accidentally nudged my 3D mouse while in an ACAD drawing, and it panned ! I grabbed the controller to see if I had dreamed, the screen actually panned and zoomed as I moved the knob ! I tried unlocking the other axes to see if the drawing would rotate and tilt, and wouldn't you know it, it did !

A huge THANK YOU to the folks at Autodesk for (finally) marrying a very popular tool with their software. I use mostly Inventor, and a 3D mouse is extremely useful, if not essential. In ACAD, it was a pain and a lag-inducing horror trying to get the mouse to control the screen. Not anymore !

Again, kudos to the dudes (and dudettes, of course) at Autodesk for making a 3D mouse user like me happy !