View Full Version : Ok Gurus, a Challenge! Field Bug problem found: Explanation Requested...

2005-02-01, 07:37 PM
I was having a bug in my code (VB or Lisp), and finally found the anomaly!!

Field expression #1:

%<AcObjProp Object(2130272168).TextString f %bl2>%

compared to Field expression #2

%<AcObjProp Object(%<_ObjId 2130272168>%).TextString f %bl2>%

Notice the text added (shown in brackets to distinguish AutoCAD added text to the expression) in by AutoCAD somewhere, sometimes? I do not know why?

%<AcObjProp Object([%<_ObjId ]2130272168[>%]).TextString f %bl2>%

Any ideas?
I have created a fix for my code to simply rewrite the field expression by removing the extra text AutoCAD adds to the code if it exists, but I do not like doing this without knowing why?

The extra code is not required as far as I can tell from my testing.


2005-02-01, 08:04 PM
The "extra" info is placed when a field is created via the dialog interface. It isn't required.

2005-02-01, 08:09 PM
Thanks for info, it was driving me crazy...."Where did this come from?"