View Full Version : 2011 Pipes Inserting at an Elevation of Zero

2012-09-06, 11:13 AM
Currently running Civil 2011 and attempting to create our departments template file. When I create a pipe run from inlet to inlet to manhole across a road, the pipes come in at an elevation of "0", they are not connected to sump elevation of the structures. Any ideas? Also I keep getting this "Unable to run macro: ApplyRule/ValidateRule". My pipe network catalog is coming from our server, catalog was created by our CAD Manager not sure if this is where the problem could be starting.

Thanks for any assistance.

Also, I have run the "Convert VBA Pipe and Structure Rules to .NET" to no avail.

Update, after running an "Audit" and fixing errors everything is fine. Went into the template file and ran audit, only to see all errors fixed were pipe rules. Not sure as to why this happened, but it did fix the problem.