View Full Version : Import textured 3D model from photos in Revit

2012-11-07, 06:25 PM
Hello to everyone!

I am an undergraduate student in surveying eng. and a part of my thesis includes using revit arch(and more specifically how BIM can contribute to documentation and preservation of cultural heritage sites).
My object of study is a little church.Well, I have made a textured 3d model ,of an arch and a part of a vault connected to it,using geomagic for the surface (data=a laser point cloud) and topcon's image master to crate the textured vrlms with the photos I have aqcuisted (for better representation) which I have connected at the end.
How can I preserve the texture of the fotos inside revit?
I have imported the obj file in 3dsmax in order to make a 3ds file and then import it to revit (and then they say "interoperability"... :P ) BUT 3ds max complains that there are too many faces. So I reduced them, but then the surface was just a MESS!

Any thoughts?
Thank you in advance!