View Full Version : MG34-1: CAD Manager What a Thankless Job!

Autodesk University
2012-11-19, 03:44 PM
Instructor: R. Yoshi Honda

Session Description: The thankless job of a CAD manager can become overwhelming at times. The daily pressure from upper management and the tidiest task of keeping the CAD operators in your department productive is enough to drive you insane. We will discuss some examples and try to analyze new ways of making your department run smother, more productive and cost efficient. Balancing your departments workload, making time and finding money for training, implementing and keeping CAD standards, dealing with upper management and designers is enough to send you to the crazy house. If learning how to balance the entire picture and still have a life seems like an impossible task, you are not alone; there are thousands of CAD Managers that go through this every day. Come and listen to a few solutions, input your experiences, and find out what works and doesnt.