View Full Version : wish: select a multi-line text and layer, color, dim style, text size, etc would be set

2012-12-18, 06:26 PM
Description: Here's the issue: I'm working on drawings / details at different scales all in the same model space. When I have to note up a detail, for example, where maybe a multi-line text already exists, I select that line of text and then click on the button for "make object's layer current" (so that I'm on the right layer). Next I select the text style and set the correct text size, and then I have to change the dimension style to the right scale so I can get the right size leader. Next, I set the color from the color control. Now, I'm finally ready to start putting in my multi-line text.

How Used: I would like a command that I guess would be basically similar to "match properties". I want to select a multi-line text and the layer, color, text size, text style, and dimension style are automatically updated to that line of text.

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2012-12-18, 08:23 PM
Not to denigrate the wish but could you not just copy the existing object and edit the copy?

2012-12-19, 12:30 AM
Not to pile on...
Or create a Macro that sets all those features and calls the MLeader Command?

2012-12-19, 03:00 PM
John, yes. I have done that too, but I guess for whatever reason in most cases it has worked out better to insert the text from scratch.