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2013-01-07, 02:54 PM
I am starting up a large project in a project office. The project office will be used has kind of a home base and most disciplines will be working at their home office.

Now comes the tricky part / possible nightmare.

How do we share drawing with one another, FTP or Vault, and make sure everyone has correct information?

I worry about using an FTP site with multiple copies of drawings being in multiple locations an out of date information being used. I know that there are practices and software that can be used to make this easier but I worry that it will not be able to manage the amount of outside offices that will need to access the files. Maybe I under estimate the ability of other people to execute this task.

Now the Vault questions. Seems like it would be the proper way to tackle the scenario but I am unsure of work flows. Will everyone be placing sheets and reference files onto vault?

I know that they know have the sheet set manger within the vault program now. How does printing work from this? Does this slow up the whole process of printing sheets?

Will vault play nice with other file management systems? Right now our project office uses E-builder. I believe that Vault will need to be paired up with Buzzsaw to be able to use with offices outside our firewall? Is that correct? Can we use E-builder with Vault?

Another issue I have heard of is when Civil 3D crashes (which never happens) when you have a drawing checked out. Does anyone know how this affect checking recovered drawings back into Vault?

Are there system requirements needed for other offices? Like a minimum data line or anything else along the IT side to take in account?

Anything else to worry about?

Any input would be greatly appreciated on this.


2013-06-28, 05:05 PM
I am assuming that by now someone has responded or you have decided how to proceed with your project. Can you tell me how you proceeded?