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2005-02-10, 04:46 PM
Where I work we are having a small problem. Currently we are undergoing a change in standards and procedures, and are trying to take full advantage of our network. We are a smaller company with 30 or so employees, 15 of which use ACAD. Our current problem is that we are going to use a centralized plotter on the network. Everyones options will be pointed to a location on our server specified for plotters, but the problem is that I am defining the drivers, and plotter configs, in ACAD 2000i. There are only a few of us on this platform whereas the rest use ACAD 2000. All of us 2000i users have no problem using the drivers, but once I link up an ACAD 2000 user they have an error when they try to use pagesetup or plot. The error message is Missing Drivers. Now should I define the drivers in 2000, and just link the 2000i's to the 2000 defined drivers(this wont overwrite the data will it?), or is there a better way to have on centralized plotting system for multiple platforms of ACAD? We would like to have only one pmp file and one pc3 file, or is this not possible? Any advice would help, as we are trying to resolve this issue quickly on top of our busy work schedule.

2005-02-10, 05:58 PM

Have a browse of the following threads (especially take note of any links or references to documents within) -

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2005-02-10, 06:22 PM

Just stumbled across the following Technical Document on the Autodesk web site under the Knowledge Base section -

ID: TS66236 - Error: HDI Version Mismatch (http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/ps/item?siteID=123112&id=2899097&linkID=2475323)

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2005-02-10, 06:44 PM
Thanks Mike, your second post helped me. Well back to the drawing board for a centralized plotter... I think we have a good start now though.

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2005-02-12, 01:48 AM
"or is there a better way to have on centralized plotting system for multiple platforms of ACAD?"

-Jetdirect card. this will hook up directly to your network and you can install the specific drivers on each machine. I looked up the price the other day it was around $200USD. If you want the model names contact HP; they will reccommend the card for specific plotter.
You can do this all thru the network however the drivers may become an issue. (autocad does not like shared drivers or so I am told).