View Full Version : 2013 how to create unattended 3d reinforcement bar shape (codes)

2013-02-21, 07:26 PM
Lots of our projects needs a lot of reinforcement shop drawings (~3000) and until now our drafters were using Vanilla ACAD to do it the 90's way ! (lines + single line texts)

Being on the move on Revit & other BIM solutions, I'm trying to produce same quality of drawings with ASD the "intelligent" way, by extracting 3D geometry from RST, but I'm facing some problems :

How to place 3d bar shapes which are not in any shape catalog (I've a simple one which form a zig-zag on one plane and is L shaped in the perpendicular plane)
I red that we should add our bar shapes using Access but haven't found a single tutorial showing how we should !
Converting Revit model to ASD formwork isn't working at all.... unless for columns (with reinforcement REX export plugin) !
Exporting model to ACIS works perfectly but isn't a good solution when we know concrete will still change
Using RST's Sheet DWG export and then xreffing them in ASD seems the only viable option....

If any of you has some experience on using ASD for concrete/reinforcement shop drawing in large projects I would be very happy to know how to pull the best of it !