View Full Version : clipping planes Help!

2005-02-11, 10:19 AM
in error I moved my front plane along way
by zooming 0.00001 it reappears in the adjustment window and I have dragged it back to the Ucsicon I am now trying to get it back on my model,

How can I adjust what is shown in the adjustment window?
I realise clipping planes are a display function, but have tried adjusting camera distance, and using the mouse scroll to zoom which seem to have limited effect.

is there an acurate way of siting a clip plane? ie. on a centerline

2005-02-11, 07:09 PM

Before entering the Adjust Clipping Planes viewer take a look at manipulating_the / setting_a UCS.

Have a good one, Mike

2005-02-11, 08:48 PM
The most accurate way to place a clipping plane is with the Dview/POints and the Dview/CLip commands. It's not particularly easy to use though.