View Full Version : 2014 ASD 2014 - release and new features

2013-04-08, 12:39 PM

Does anyone know when ASD 2014 is going to be released and does it have any new features?

2013-04-09, 10:07 AM
I would also like to know...
Wonder if there is a new features list available somewhere?

2013-04-22, 04:56 AM
ASD 2014 New features list:

1) New splash screen on start!
2) New year (2014) on the windows top bar!
3) ?
4) ?

2013-05-20, 09:36 PM
I just got ASD 2013 installed. I have had no training on the is software, but I use Plant 3D and I knoe Revit. From what I have seen so far, ASD sucks and I am getting ready to put my fist through my monitor. For example, why in the hell do the toolbars go away every time I open this program? And why in the hell won't the command propmpt stay docked at the frickin' bottom of the screen? Autocad keeps it there, as does Plant 3D. Perhaps I just need to stay with the ones that work and un-install this pile of garbage.
How about making the program a bit more user friendly, that would be a nice new feature.

2013-05-22, 03:39 PM
So, in the ASD Model tab I can place beams and columns and apply connections if I want. If I want to place column footings or walls, slabs, etc you know, other vital structural elements that should be in the model, I have to go to the ASD Start tab and click on the Formworks tab? This opens a new drawing, my %#$($^#*!! toolbars go away again, the %$$%$#@ command prompt comes un-docked, just a bunch of cra p that shouldn't happen.
Am I to understand that the foundation elements are a seperate model from the steel elements? Perhaps I just need training. Why in the hell can't all this stuff be as one if that's what i want?

2013-05-23, 07:00 PM
I am sorry to say that AutoCAD Structural Detailing 2014 only has the new features you can find in AutoCAD 2014. It hasn't had any new features now since 2012 release.