View Full Version : CP11-3: Autodesk OEM Technology: AutoCAD® OEM and ObjectDBX™ SDK

Autodesk University
2013-04-10, 02:32 AM
Instructors: Kevin Vandecar - Avatech Solutions with Russell Mason and Michael McKinnon - Autodesk

Class Description: This informative session will cover the two main Autodesk OEM technologies: AutoCAD OEM and ObjectDBX SDK. We'll start with an introduction showing what each product is and how they differ from each other and other Autodesk products. We’ll then present a detailed technical overview of the development environments. For AutoCAD OEM, we'll cover development tools such as the Make Wizard and the Installer Wizard. You'll learn how to build both a standard application and an ActiveX control version. For ObjectDBX SDK, we'll explain the development environment and cover how the SDK differs from the built-in ObjectDBX component of the full version of AutoCAD. These technologies are not for everyone, but they can certainly be a valuable tool in the right hands! We will have the Autodesk sales representatives on hand for licensing and sales-related questions.