View Full Version : CP41-3: Not So Rapid Customizing: All LISP This Time

Autodesk University
2013-04-17, 04:42 AM
Instructors: Dan Abbott - Southern Maine Community College and Scott Danis (Co-Speaker)

Class Description: If you liked the LISP portion of the Rapid Customizing class, or have some prior experience with LISP programming and want more, this workshop is for you. Despite the many advantages of other programming languages, AutoLISP remains the easiest way for most users to expand on AutoCAD's existing commands. This workshop will aid your understanding of LISP by breaking down a number of actual LISP programs. We’ll demonstrate how to: get information from users and the drawing; perform calculations; create transparent commands; manage and convert strings; utilize conditional functions; apply functions that loop through data; include error trapping in new commands; and maybe even take a peek at making AutoLISP interact with DOS.