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2013-06-14, 12:12 PM
Good Morning Everyone,

I have a few quick questions about phasing in Revit MEP 2013. I have just recently started to use revit MEP 2013 ( we got building design suite premium for 4 years ) I am pretty familiar with the revit as a software ( previous came from a position were we designed baggage handling systems for airports, and we used revit architecture 2012, 2011 to accomplish this.) @ my previous position using the phasing feature was great when doing small airport upgrades or improvements. My question is how do you go about using the phasing in MEP? I have been working on a small job that is an overall building improvement / upgrade and we will be tying into a majority of the existing HVAC / Plumbing & Electrical. I have noticed that once you set a string of duct work and a AHU to existing phase and to be demoed in the appropriate phase the system is now undefined and i can not change this. What would be the correct way of showing phasing in MEP models.


2013-06-14, 12:41 PM
not that it's entirely correct, but do you need to worry about whether the system being demo'd is an actual system, or connected properly?

2013-06-14, 01:07 PM

it would be nice if the systems stay connected properly.

2013-06-14, 02:14 PM
Once you demo the duct work it becomes disconnected and no longer retains a system type. It virtually becomes a dumb section of disconnected duct work.

2013-06-15, 04:37 PM
We're going through the second phase of a large project now where a significant amount of MEP content is being demolished. The problem with duct (or pipe) losing its connectivity after being demolished is that its visibility can no longer be controlled by view filters specific to system type. And because the elements are not connected Revit will try to break linework when the view type if set to Mechanical. Very irritating.

To solve the first problem you can use a separate workset for demolished ductwork. Then you can control its visibility. For piping this is essential, because once demolished there is no longer any difference between plumbing pipes and mechanical pipes. So they show up on each other's sheets. Again, an extra workset for each does the trick. If that messes up your workset structure you can add a text based project parameter that you could fill in with PLUM, MECH, etc. and set up a view filter to turn things on or off that way.

Hope it helps.

2013-06-17, 11:39 AM

Thanks for the suggestion of using worksets. I had thought about this but was unsure. Started to show my demo with someone of the existing system. Still using the phase created as "existing" and phase demolished "new construction" placed on a new the new demo workset and seems to function the way i need it to. d92519

2013-06-17, 01:57 PM
Glad it helped.