View Full Version : Mac OS x 10.8 (Mountain Lion) How to clean the registry in MAC ? I want to reset my AutoCAD.

2013-06-26, 05:28 AM
In Windows, we can clear the registry to reset AutoCAD, but how can do the same in MAC ? I'm with Mountain Lion.
I searched in preference and got some *.plist files. Removing these files will work ?

Any help would be appreciated.

2013-07-26, 04:07 AM
There's no registry in Mac OS. Fortunately, that deficiency is unique to Windows

However, you can find most application settings in the Library/Preferences folder. Most apps saves their settings there in separate files. This is not something that's managed by the OS. There's no hive, there's no regedit, nothing like that, Just a bunch of plist files.

It's one of the nicest bits about Apple's preference system. When in doubt, rename a plist rather than deleting it, and verify that its loss doesn't have an adverse effect on the application before trashing.

This procedure is for deleting the "preferences" file(s) that is located in your (hidden) User/Library folder that can resolve issues like yours.

When the computer is rebooted and the associated program launched again, it recreates this file, but blank of preferences, thus since it's rebuilt it's free of problems.

2013-07-26, 04:38 AM
Thank you for the reply :) I already did it by my own risk, but it works :)