View Full Version : Session 9: Showcase Your Architecture: Real-Time Rendering in Revit®

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2013-07-14, 08:10 PM
Instructor: Nicholas B. Broadbent

Class Description: Use the power of real-time rendering in your next presentation. Maximize your Autodesk® Revit® Architecture, Autodesk 3ds Max® or AutoCAD® model by showing it off. Render it live and increase everyone's understanding of your design.

This class provides step-by-step instructions for taking a Revit, 3ds Max, or AutoCAD model into Autodesk Showcase® and for using the latest game engines for presentations and visualization purposes. Learn the best methods and techniques to get outstanding workflow from Autodesk Revit into Autodesk Showcase: show different design options, add animation to your model, set up cameras, scenes, and much more. Learn the basics of how to import 3D models into gaming engines. Understand the possibilities this technology provides. Learn how to see your design in first person and walk around your designs before they are built.