View Full Version : 2014 TIF file too large and crashes when I connect

2013-09-17, 01:40 PM
I have a client who sent me a very large TIF file which I am assuming has LiDAR data - 4.5GB of the whole campus. When I try to connect to the file, Map3D crashes on me every time. What can I do to connect to the file? Is there a good way to compress or subdivide the file? What is the largest file size Map3D can support? I am using Map3D 2014. My system uses Intel Core i7, has 32GB RAM and 64-bit operating system.

2013-12-10, 10:56 PM
Have you resolved this issue - I was browsing for a solution and saw your question had no replies - I had trouble loading 9GB of Tiff tiles some years ago - but the current machines like you describe should have no problems. If it is still a problem - do you have the associated .tfw files - and how are you connecting ?. When I had trouble the Autodesk Subscription Centre were very helpful.