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2005-02-23, 04:11 PM
My boss is getting into VBA and has mandated we load and use his program for certain types of flow diagram drawings we do. We have a theory that using his program and then opening other (electrical) drawings is corrupting these electrical drawings. I was not here when the electrical drawing crashed (FATAL error) but subsequent recovery and audits turned up no errors. I know for a fact that he has not altered any acad*lsp files.

The only clue I have is a proxy information dialog "ObjectDBX Classes" turning up as a missing application when the recovered drawing is opened. As far as I know, his program uses its own rules and user input to place certain blocks contained in the seed drawing. Nothing fancy as far as I know. Can anyone point me in the right direction. I need facts before taking my concerns to him.

2005-02-23, 04:15 PM
Hi Janet

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2005-02-27, 08:38 AM
Anything is possible but vba does not inherently affect or corrupt anything. It all depends upon how he coded what he coded. If he is new to vba, and he's messing around with Object DBX, then he is probably not clearing out his objects and thus creating a condition where AutoCAD itself will crash - nothing to do with corrupting drawings.

The downside is that without a look at his code, there is no way of telling.