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2005-02-24, 08:58 PM
The situation - a vendor who uses our company blocks (symbols) changes the size and properties and redefines them, keeping the original name. When I get the drawings back, I have to physically replace each block that they have redefined to get it back to our version and company standard. If I want to add additional blocks from the tool palette or design center, they change to the existing definition in the drawing. If I insert a block using the standard toolbar button, I'm prompted to redefine the block that exists in the drawing, and that's great because it works. But if I supress the dialog box with a hyphen in front of the insert command at the command line, and include the physical path, the block still comes in and changes to the existing definition in the drawing. This stops the opportunity of using a script.

Is anyone out there able to get around this problem and make it work?


2005-02-25, 09:07 AM

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2005-02-25, 09:27 AM

Why not simply stipulate to the Vendor that they must use the Blocks supplied without altering.

In the meantime refer to the AutoCAD Online Help File [F1] and read up on the command line version of Insert ie.

Contents tab -> AutoCAD Help -> Command Reference -> I Commands -> Insert -> Insert Command Line

Command: ._-Insert

Hint - look for the use of "="


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2005-02-25, 12:18 PM
Try this....

Drag it onto the autocad window, then use "vbarun" to run it.
The macro name to run is "SyncGo"


2005-03-07, 05:23 PM
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I still had to figure some things out, and I'd like to share that info. and part of the script, hoping to make it easier for anyone else with the same issue. The following path and block names obviously will be different for each user.

redefine FA blocks.scr
;this script redefines existing blocks with original definition same named blocks.
;each block is inserted at 0,0 where they can easily be erased.
;before running this script, make sure the hard path is included in the support file search path-tools, options, files tab.
;be advised that there are 3 spaces that act as an "enter" at the end of each "-insert..." string.
filedia 0
-insert fas01a=I:\groups\fac\ops\shop24\draftech\fa_bldg_dwg\symbols\fas01a 0,0
-insert fas04a=I:\groups\fac\ops\shop24\draftech\fa_bldg_dwg\symbols\fas04a 0,0
filedia 1

I put this script on the tool palette and the command macro is: filedia 0 script "redefine FA blocks" filedia 1
(there is a space at the end of that macro)
Being new to the macro game, it took me a while to figure that little piece out.



2009-08-10, 01:52 PM
Hi, is there a password to modify this macro?