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2013-11-27, 02:27 AM
Good day,

Does anyone know why do the raster images that i insert becomes distorted when i convert them to bitonal?

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Ed Jobe
2013-11-27, 04:18 PM
You didn't say what you are starting with. However, it has to do with the bit density of each pixel. For example, if you start out with a 256 bit image, the software has to determine how to convert 256 possibilities down to 2. There are several algorithms you can choose when doing this. Most of the time though, I find that it doesn't work going from one extreme to the other. What I do is down convert in steps. Convert 256 to 128, then 64, then 32, etc., etc.

2014-01-14, 02:46 PM
Huh, I hadn't thought of converting my images in steps like you mention. I'll have to give it a try.
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Ed Jobe
2014-01-14, 03:16 PM
It takes longer, but you get consistently better results.