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2014-02-03, 02:49 PM
Good Morning everyone, happy Monday!

I have been digging around and it really looks like Vault is the way to go forus. However there is one thing that I am not clear on and am hoping to get alittle user information.

It is recommended that you purchase one seat of Vault for every seat ofAutocad. We currently have 7 seats of Autocad and those are strictly for peoplethat are modifying drawings so we would need to get approx. 7 seats of theVault so that those who are modifying drawings are able to check in check outetc. However I have at least 100 people that need to be able to just viewdrawings at any time and all possibly at the same time. If I have to purchaseVault seats for that to happen the cost would be astronomical.

Currently we run a software called Autovue a non-Autodesk product but worksjust like design review (I would be running design view but we have yet todiscover a way to deploy it via network application. My IT guys does not havethe time to download programs to each and every computer in our mill). So ifanyone has suggestions on that please feel free to comment. They are both strictlyviewing programs and are able to view .dwg, .tif & .pdf. Which is a mustfor us. If these guys have to use multiple software’s for different filetypes.... it won't be good. They don't welcome change. So to sum things up here’swhat I need to know...

Is it possible to have unlimited viewing only capabilities with the vault? Willit be able to view different file types?

2014-02-04, 07:27 PM
I am also trying to see if Vault is the way to go for my company.

Regarding your questions, from what I understand, Vault has a way of "encrypting" the drawing names of files in the vault so people can't monkey with those files outside the Vault viewer.

Also, from what I understand, Vault Basic is included with your standard seat license, which will give you check-in/out capability. Those 10 people only need to use the free version, probably.

I got in touch with my software vendor and they were able to set up a demo with Autodesk, and we were able to ask a lot of questions during the demo (lasted about 90 minutes). I suggest you do the same.