View Full Version : 2014 2014 Vault Dashboard setting

2014-05-06, 04:11 PM
I use Vault fairly plain.

I do have xrefs.

I go through the Vault Application to check out my files.

I am finding the additional checkbox on the left to finalize selecting a file to "get/check out" annoying.


I have already drilled down to the level of the file I want to check out. I don't understand why the new interface forces me to check a box also to finish the selection.

It seems that this is make-work for most of us using the vault this way. Please tell me if I am missing something.

Is there a setting to make it always checked for a file selected through the right click menu?

Thanks in advance.


2014-12-05, 09:17 PM
I've just noticed your question, but I will respond to it anyway. Maybe you are still suffering through as you had been doing it.

Our Vault Professional is set up a bit differently than yours, so my suggestion may not work well with your company's structuring.

In the screenshot above, the next box over from the the thumbnail in the upper lefthand corner is the "Include Children" box. Expand that and check the "dependents" radio button and the "Include Library Files" check box. The next area over from that is the "Include Parents" box. Expand that and click the radio button for "No Parents" and click the check box for "Related Documentation." Now expand the big check mark area. Under it, check the "source files" box.

Now if you wish to check out a file(s), type the part file name into a normal search, then click the get/check out button, and the above screen should open. All you then would need to do to check out the file, is click the big checkmark at the top of the screen and hit OK, depending on how you company has the Vault catergories, states, and right permissions set up. You should only be checking out the file or files that you searched for. You can verify that by looking at the lower lefthand corner of the get/check out screen. It will tell you how many files you are attempting to check out and the number you are attempting to download.

That was fairly long-winded, but I hope that helps out. Good luck! :beer: