View Full Version : CV222-2: Real World BIM Workflow: An In-Depth Multidiscipline Approach With the 2010 Software Lineup

Autodesk University
2014-12-01, 04:53 AM
Instructors: Patrick Villella with Isaac Harper, Chris Perry, David Metcalf

Class Description: Understanding how all the various team players involved in a project will be working together on a BIM project is essential to preventing confusion, duplicate work, and file transfer issues. This class is presented "panel style", with different instructors acting as the architect, civil engineer, structural engineer, MP&E engineer, and contractor. You will see how each of these separate entities can optimally use their respective tools to make the BIM process smooth and efficient while providing each other with the information they need when they need it. If you’ve ever wanted a broader understanding of how your partners are approaching a BIM project, or how to work together more effectively, this is the class for you! Turn your firm into a truly BIM-savvy organization that other firms look forward to working with.