View Full Version : screw and countersink standarts?

2005-03-21, 06:33 PM
Can anyone please help me? I want to use the scew and countersink toolbars but can't figure out which standart to use....ISO JIS BSI etc. I just want to insert a simple 82 deg countersunk 10-32 machine screw but there are too many choice as far as standards are concerned.

2005-03-24, 06:01 PM
I believe that would be under the ANSI standard.

Let me know.

2005-03-24, 08:12 PM
Yeah I know but there is no ANSI option, the closest thing they list is AS 1427 or a similar # but they are all metric. I guess I'll just have to go through every option until I find the right one.

2005-03-24, 08:28 PM
---- THIS JUST IN -----

See the jpg file for an example of my setup

With ANSI being our main standard, we have available to us the fastener you mention.


When we first loaded the software we had to 'check off' the standards to be made available .
I am not the admin. here so I can't verify this immediately.

For both our sakes, I will query our good friends in 'Subscriptionland' (India or thereabouts) to find you an answer.

It might be Monday before we hear from them. Hang on! 8)

2005-03-24, 09:14 PM
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was it! How stupid of me. I did not include ANSI when I first installed the program. Thank you very much. This was my first time using a user group for help and I am very happy that I tried it.