View Full Version : Lost access to annotations in project sharing

Michelle Gibson
2005-03-30, 06:32 PM
We just did our first split of a project into sharing. Just two of us. I have control over a workset we titled annotations. When I look at any workset that I have control over, I can see the annotations we have already created (ie. room name/size, door number, room elevation references etc...) but they are greyed out. We have repeatedly gone into the worksets and made sure that the project standards box is checked, then confirmed that each of the annotations are editable by me.

I still can't edit any annotations, regardless of what workset I am on. Note: they were originally put on floor plan level 1, before we had any worksets. As soon as we enabled project sharing and worksets, noone can now edit them regardless.


2005-03-30, 06:47 PM
Annotations are part of the view workset so you need to make the view workset editable.

Uncheck the Editable Only box on the options bar, now you can select objects that you don't have editable. Pick an annotation, right click, choose make workset editable.

Alternatively, pick the view name in the project browser, right click, choose make workset editable.