View Full Version : Curve Text Orientations

2005-04-19, 01:22 PM
Does anyone know of a way to get Labeled Curve Text to flip orientation from "from center" to "to center"? I know Arc Text can do that, but it does not autolabel the curve too.


2005-04-19, 02:13 PM
You can create a Tag Label style that places the text on the "Bottom" of the curve by going to Edit Tag Label Styles and typing in a name in the Label Style box, and then selecting the Tag ( and adding any text needed in the Box at the bottom of the dialog ).

2005-04-19, 03:21 PM
Thanks, but that is not the orientation I'm refering to. Swapping the text to the bottom still does not change the orientation of the text. It's still upside down. I think this image will make it clearer.

The bold curve label text is the wrong reading orientation. The other curve text was created using a special lisp routine from my company. That routine is very old and may not be compatable with Civil 3D or LDT2006. I'm looking for a way in LDT to change the orientation of the bold text and still have it align to the curve and be readable.

2005-04-19, 03:59 PM
Civil 3D will do this for you automatically with no special routines. With Land Desktop, you are out of luck, it will refuse to orient the text other than how it deems appropriate and will not permit you to modify it manually short of using a leader.