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2004-01-11, 02:39 PM
Hi there,
I am still using 5.1; however, I have both read and been told the following.
In order to select all similar objects, simply select one, and click on "Filter". Once that is complete, it should select all similar objects throughout the model in order to modify an instance property. (ie: click on a 3068 wood door and all 3068 wood doors would be selected/highlighted.)
I have not been successfull with this. All I get is the dialog box showing the object's catagory checkmarked. If I click "ok", nothing happens.

I am attempting to modify a door instance property for just one door type used throughout the project. Specifacally, changing a typical office 3068 door from a wood panel to a glass panel. (instance property) I have noticed that if you change a type property, such as a ht. or width after selecting "edit", it does automatically change all similar doors throughout.

I must really be blonde, but, this should be an easy operation.
Thanks in advance

Steven Shell, Architect
Tucson, AZ

2004-01-11, 03:25 PM
That's why they're called "instance" parameters.

What yoc could try is open the door family, change the wood/glass parameter from an instance parameter to a type parameter, save it, and then reload it into your project.

2004-01-11, 09:20 PM
The command you are looking for is Select All Instances. In the Project Browser, find the door type in question, right click on it, and choose Select All Instances. This will select all instances of that door type. If you then choose Properties from the option bar and change the instance property it will be changed for all of them.

Filter is something else. What it does is restrict the elements you have already selected.

Paul F. Loreto OAA,AAC
2004-01-11, 10:37 PM
When trying to pick one type of family within a project go to the Project Browser and click on Family near the bottom of the list to open up the Family tree structure.

From within the family tree structure find the type of door you are trying to select within the Door Families loaded into your project. With the door type highligted (ie 36"x84"- single panel), right click and select "all similar types".

This will automatically pick all of the 36"x84"- single panel door types within your project allowing you do revise them as you see fit.

Hope this helps

Paul F. Loreto, Architect, AAC Revit Specialist

2004-01-12, 03:04 PM
Thank you. I knew I had read this in a tutorial somewhere. Select all instances from the project browser.....
Steven Shell, Architect
Tucson, AZ