View Full Version : Dwg Import/Link

2006-06-01, 01:54 PM
What am I doing wrong?
I had no problem with Revit 8.1
Now when I go to import an ADT2005 dwg file I get the following messages:
"Some elements were lost during import. ActiveX and some proprietary components cannot be imported. Try exploding the file in AutoCAD, or setting PROXYGRAPHICS to 1."

I also get:
"Cannot get center of imported geometryin current view to place import. Imported file will not be centered on current view."

Well guess what? I did all that. I exported to AutoCAD 2000 which explodes and deletes all AEC objects, changed Proxygraphics to 1 and purged the file. I stiil get the above message regardless of using Link or Import.

I also get messages on second try to the effect that the the link is in the file but not visible. The Manage link option is greyed out and the Imports in Families in Visibility Graphics is on.

It's just a titleblock I'm trying to link so I can create a 36x48 sheet to compliment my 30x42.