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2004-06-07, 07:11 PM
Following threads about the subject of linking MSAccess 97 to AutoCAD 2k(+), I came across the concern about entity handles.
Where might I find examples or better yet would any of you know how to 'handle' (pun intended) or set up an access database to deal with these (entity handles) important unique pieces of information.

At present, my concern is:

How to set up a lightweight drawing management database (B R O A D) and
How to 'round trip' data between the title info in the cad file(s) and the database.
Using Access 97, which represents the fastest method? the secure rock solid method? of linking. All I know is there are several routes to go and....(see signature)

2004-06-07, 07:26 PM
I have attach A file taht show most of what you need .
It is for autocad 2002
It use DAO

tested 04/22/06 in AutoCad 2007 work ok.

2004-06-24, 02:59 PM
I have attach A file taht show most of what you need .
It is for autocad 2002
It use DAODid any one find the Attachment usefull
or try it in 2004 of 2005

Ed Jobe
2004-06-24, 05:43 PM
Cllint, you might want to check out DbConnect. The CAO api can be used in vba to manipulate DbConnect. It handles (pun intended).

2004-06-25, 01:28 PM

I take it you've had good results. I only ask because I've heard (1) negative comment from an individual speaking of the terrors of the native DBConnect feature.

I will explore this feature further based on your recommendation. I know Autodesk provides sample files to reference.

Ed Jobe
2004-06-25, 02:36 PM
Terrors? I havn't heard of any. It just connects a dwg database with an Access database. I suppose you could do "terrible" things with it. Given that, I have explored the tool but, in my job, haven't found a use for it.

2004-06-25, 04:27 PM
There are some "issues". Label handling can be dicey. But I've used it with success w/o worrying about labels.

2004-06-25, 08:23 PM
Ed, Robert, and other highly-esteemed countrymen....

How can I ever go wrong using ODBC with such confirmation?

- OR -

How many ways can I make it wrong without your consternation.

I'll proceed........

2006-04-21, 01:52 PM
I tested my attachment in autocad 2007 and it works ok see above post