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2004-07-08, 07:47 AM
Greetings Gang,

Experienced guys probably know this already, so please forgive the repetition - I think this will be really useful to the newbies out there.

If you have never tried to make a UCS in VBA then you MUST read this before you do - or... go ahead and struggle for a while, then come back for the solution.

When you try to add UCS's you will (more than likely hit this error):
"UCS X axis and Y axis not perpendicular"

I struggled for a short while, then decided to search the discussion groups and found a jewel.

The solution was found under:
(otherwise known as the VBA Customization discussion group)

The title of the thread was:
The UCS X axis and Y axis are not perpendicular ???
Posted by: Dubbelaar, Mark
Date: Jun/10/03 - 19:46 (GMT)

The solution was suplied in this reply:
Reply From: Belshan, James
Date: Jun/11/03 - 09:24 (GMT)

When you want to add a ucs dont use ThisDrawing.UserCoordinateSystems.Add! Instead use:

Set AcadUcsObject = Add_UCS_improved(PointVariantOrigin, PointVariantXAxis, PointVariantYAxis, "UCSName")

and include this code:

Function Add_UCS_improved(origin As Variant, xAxisPnt _
As Variant, yAxisPnt As Variant, ucsName As String) As AcadUCS

Dim ucsObj As AcadUCS
Dim xAxisVec(0 To 2) As Double
Dim yAxisVec(0 To 2) As Double
Dim perpYaxisPnt(0 To 2) As Double
Dim xCy As Variant, perpYaxisVec As Variant

xAxisVec(0) = xAxisPnt(0) - origin(0)
xAxisVec(1) = xAxisPnt(1) - origin(1)
xAxisVec(2) = xAxisPnt(2) - origin(2)
yAxisVec(0) = yAxisPnt(0) - origin(0)
yAxisVec(1) = yAxisPnt(1) - origin(1)
yAxisVec(2) = yAxisPnt(2) - origin(2)

xCy = Cross3D(xAxisVec, yAxisVec)
perpYaxisVec = Cross3D(xCy, xAxisVec)

perpYaxisPnt(0) = perpYaxisVec(0) + origin(0)
perpYaxisPnt(1) = perpYaxisVec(1) + origin(1)
perpYaxisPnt(2) = perpYaxisVec(2) + origin(2)

Set ucsObj = ThisDrawing.UserCoordinateSystems.Add(origin, xAxisPnt, _
perpYaxisPnt, ucsName)
Set Add_UCS_improved = ucsObj

End Function

Function Cross3D(A As Variant, B As Variant) As Variant
' A and B must be dimensioned Double(0 to 2)
Dim C(0 To 2) As Double
C(0) = A(1) * B(2) - A(2) * B(1)
C(1) = -(A(0) * B(2) - A(2) * B(0))
C(2) = A(0) * B(1) - A(1) * B(0)
Cross3D = C
End Function


Have a great day,