View Full Version : Some help for Acad2005 Table makers in VBA

2004-07-14, 02:19 PM
Hi Gang,

RE: Making Acad 2005 Tables using VBA

I have just suffered a little and would like to warn others before they hit the same nasties.

1. Dont exceed 200 cells
Watchout for the number of cells you are going to add data to. I found that working with say 200 cells (4 cols x 50 rows) is about optimum. My first need was for 4000 cells - if I didnt split the table up it would have taken about 3 hours to produce the table. Slicing the table into tables of 200 cells produced the same info in 5 minutes.

2. Apply the rowheight again.
When you addtable you specify the rowheight, add the rowheight method again, straight after adding the table to make sure that it is set.