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2004-07-19, 04:02 AM
hi FrnDZ..
in AutoCAD R 12 i am still using DDE(dynamic data exchange)
but R12 (my version)wont work with Above windows 95.( is it works?)
I used to create automatic sewer profiles importing values from excel using DDE.
The new AutoCAD what command we can use instead of DDE. Anybody know?

or is there any VBA to CREATE profile..
here i am attaching my excel sheet and CAD dwg sample..(jpeg)

2004-07-19, 06:10 PM
I do not know of a VBA program that will already do the same thing.

However, you can certainly use VBA to access the Excel spreadsheet for the data required to create the profile. All you need is to add a reference to Excel and a good knowledge of both the Excel and AutoCAD object models.

There are several samples in the latest versions of AutoCAD (you failed to mention what version you are upgrading to) Samples folder that show simple Excel integration.

2004-07-20, 11:25 AM
hi Robert..thanks 4 your interest to reply
i am using now AutoCAD 2004.. if u want to see that Excel sheet which is using with R12, i can post it here..

2004-07-20, 03:26 PM
No. This is not a minor tweak project. Review the samples I mentioned and edit your code yourself. If you run into trouble we can help then.

2004-07-26, 10:08 PM
hi Robert..
can u send some usefull help links ..or in autoCAD 2004 where i can find help for this subject..

2004-07-27, 04:56 PM
C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2004\Sample\VBA\AttExt.dvb