View Full Version : Do You Need a program That save the seting of Layers Frozen in a ViewPort

2004-08-13, 02:38 PM
It use the the seting of New Vp Frozen to save and set Layer Frozen
in a ViewPort

So you can save an Layer State with the New VP Frozen / Thawed option
and then use it to Set the layer Frozen in ViewPort

The SaveViewportLayers Macros use the curent Viewport to set the New Vp Frozen / Thawed

The SetViewPortLayers Macros Matchs the Layers Frozen in VP to the setting of the New VP Frozen setting

use notes:
set the curent viewport to the viewport that has the layers set the way you need them run the SaveViewportLayers Macro

how set the viewport that you need set the same way curent and run the SetViewPortlayers macro


If you have a Layer State save the way you need your layer just Restore the Layer State and run the SetViewPortLayer macro

The SetViewPortlayers Macro use the SendCommand Three time
in Setup but not in the Freezeing of the layers.

LAYOUTREGENCTL is change to 0 but reset before the program ends

There are two Function FreezeLayer() and UpDateViewPort()

FreezeLayer Viewport,layer
Freeze layer in Viewport

Fore and UpDate of the curent Viewport
LAYOUTREGENCTL is change to 0 but reset at the end of the function

This is Programed in Autocad 2002 Need some one the see if it work in others