View Full Version : Calendar control replacement - attached

2004-09-28, 08:15 AM
Greetings crew,

Even though there are a load of wonderful controls installed on your PC - visible in VBA, the majority of them are not actually available (Mike revealed this to me in various posts). Most times you will be lucky and never hit license problems - but - is it worth the risk? How will you explain it to the user, when - all of a sudden - your app fails and your faced with a license error that cannot be resolved?

Anyway, thanks to Mike (and various license problems) I have seen the light and I'm now very careful about using controls in forms. Attached is my version of the calendar control for selecting a date. Any Guru out there will instantly grumble at the terrible code and in-correct manner in which the solution is made. That's why I posted it - I would love to hear what the next step would be in making a active-x control from the attached example to make it easier to distribute to other developers - and how to "clean-up" the code.

Have a great day, and watch-out for those fancy controls that look so attractive...