View Full Version : Load VBA program automatically

2004-09-29, 03:26 PM
I would like to load a VBA program automatically when AutoCAD is loaded. Is it possible and if so how?


Ed Jobe
2004-09-29, 04:10 PM
Check this post (http://forums.augi.com/showthread.php?p=47171&mode=threaded#post47171).

2004-09-29, 11:07 PM
From the tools menu you will find a "Load Application". In that dialog box you will find the "Startup Suite". It has a "Contents" button. In there you can "Add" files you want to load at startup. DVB is one type of file types that can be loaded. This will load the DVB file it will not run the file. Each time AutoCAD is opened it will load all the files in the startup suite.

Ed Jobe
2004-09-30, 02:06 PM
ps, once acad.dvb loads, you can use ACADStartup() to run any macro or load other dvb's and run macros in them.