View Full Version : New moderator from "Down Under"

2003-08-25, 11:42 PM
We've added Beegee to the ranks of moderator. Which means he spends way too much time here at the Zoogdesign BB. :D

He gives us much needed representation from the many users who reside in Australia! Just try to sneak in an inappropriate post while those of us stateside sleep... :twisted:

Thanks to Beegee for helping out! He'll be bored of course since this group is so well behaved. We really could cut moderator's right out of the budget. (what budget? well if we had one we could...)


Urban D
2003-08-26, 12:30 AM
Congratulations Beegee, you will be a great ambassador for the land of Oz

2003-08-26, 12:34 AM
She'll be right mate.


Jim Balding
2003-08-26, 02:10 AM
Steve -

Are you sure about this, he is kinda funny looking :wink:

2003-08-26, 02:16 AM
Steve -

Are you sure about this, he is kinda funny looking :wink:

Its the colonial in-breeding that does it Jim.

2003-08-26, 02:22 AM
No we need the "intimidation" factor, our new moderator requirements are big, hairy, scary and "nice"...so it's a good thing I'm "grandfathered" in :shock: :lol:

2003-08-26, 02:56 AM
:lol: We are an equal opportunity employer, even if you happen to be ugly

welcome aboard beegee... :beer:

I suggest unsightly versus ugly, too harsh..."Q"

2003-08-26, 03:04 AM
:lol: we are an equal oppurtunity employer, even if you happen to be ugly

welcome aboard beegee... :beer:

Aww shucks guys, .... I don't know what to say. :oops:

ZDBB can even find a home for me.

2003-08-26, 04:49 AM
Welcome aboard Beegee. Just keep your strange thoughts on the 'Code a quinze' to yourself.


2003-08-26, 05:35 AM
Thanks Peter J,

and OK, I'll bite, what's a "code a quinze" ?

2003-08-26, 08:42 AM
Rugby for 15 blokes

2003-08-26, 08:57 AM
Rugby for 15 blokes

Sounds like french rugby.

Well, this is the lull before.....

I've been leaving all the heavy going to you and MartyC, so I can charge through the opening you create, like in my glory days as flanker.

So here I am, waiting.... as usual.

2003-08-27, 06:24 AM
Ooooh..............official representation from Brisneyland :D

Now that has put us on the map, and I cannot think of a better person, congrats Beegee.

Been ducking 'n' weaving a bit since the return from Bledisloe Land, creating those openings........... :)

Looking forward to more jolly dialogue on the warm up to the Cup

Cheers M

2003-08-27, 07:44 AM
Jooly dialogue? I was wondering about burning the southern cross

2003-08-27, 07:58 AM
Next time I'm at Ballymore, - I'll tell the boys I'm there to watch a bit of 'Code a quinze'.

I think my hospital insurance is paid up.

2003-08-27, 11:56 AM
Ballymore is a Brisbane ground, I'm guessing?

Tell 'em you are there to watch your guys warm up for a pasting by the poms. See how they respond to that.

2003-08-27, 09:19 PM
Yes, Ballymore is hallowed turf in Bris, although the newer, larger, brasher SunCorp Stadium is where the some of the World Cup will be played.

If I followed your suggestion, ( hypothethical - either for me to say it or for the poms to do it ) .. my hospital insurance would disown me, ... claiming self inflicted injuries.

Feeling confident after trounching Wales ehh. It don't count when you play with the big boys.

2003-08-28, 07:17 AM
C'mon it was our B team. Even I know that doesn't count for much.